Friends of Longley Woods

Welcome to the Friends of Longley Woods

This is the new site for the Friends of Longley Woods. Bringing together residents around the Longley area to carry out practical tasks to help maintain and improve the woodland in the Longley area of Huddersfield, including Longley Wood Nature Reserve, Oaken Bank, Ashenhurst and Martin Bank Wood.

The group has re-started after a few quiet years. Please like our Facebook Page or join our Group to get involved or email

About the Woods
  • Our Woods

    In the Longley area of Huddersfield we have several areas of woodland that would all have been part of the old Longley Estate, owned by the Ramsdens that owned and built much of Huddersfield until they famously sold it all to the Huddersfield Corporation in 1920. Penny Spring Woods, Longley Woods, Ashenhurst and Martin Bank Wood can all be seen on old maps of the area. Birch trees dominate some areas, with lots of Ash, Sycamore, Hawthorn, Oak and others.  You can also see the remains of old walls and workings throughout the woods and wonder at their origins! Read some Huddersfield history here:

  • Longley Woods Nature Reserve

    The original Friends of Longley Woods won Nature Reserve Status for the area in October 2008. They worked together to turn a rubbish dumping ground into an urban beauty spot which was regularly maintained by its neighbours. The group has sadly become inactive in recent years and the remaining founding member, Stephen Priest, sadly died in March 2015. The entrances around the Reserve are now looking neglected. We are looking to resume the work of the group and keep Longley Woods and other local woodland as an attractive resource for local people and a haven for nature in our urban landscape.

Longley Woods
Pond at Longley Woods

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